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You Know How I Know You’re a Runner?

Yesterday I decided I could officially call myself a runner. I’ve been running consistently for almost a year, I’ve run a half marathon, and I’ve said the words, “that felt good” plenty a time after a four mile run.  But yesterday, oh yesterday, I wore runner leggings! That’s right, the long, spandex leggings put me […]

Half Marathon Training: Final Week

Running.  Running.  Running.  I almost feel like I’m not even doing it any more.  At the beginning it felt like this big endeavor but now that the run is coming up on Saturday it doesn’t even seem like a big deal. I remember last summer when my step mother and sister decided to, and ran […]

Half Marathon Training: Week Eight

I have eaten too many Girl Scout cookies. The alignment with the end of my training and the delivery of Girl Scout cookies couldn’t have been any more on point.  Luckily I have someone to share them with me and that same someone is trying to run a half marathon, too! Hmmm.  Remember last week […]

Half Marathon Training: Week Five

Eight miles was a bit of a tipping point for me. Up until Sunday, our long run day, I had felt pretty good running.  Even the seven miles last week on the treadmill was okay but eight miles?  That was tough. Despite the difficulty I did discover that I have a second wind: it came […]

Half Marathon Training: Week Four

Did you know some (all?) treadmills reset themselves after 60 minutes? I’m guessing you didn’t because most people in their right mind won’t stay on a treadmill longer than 20.  But on Sunday, Tanna and I reset our treadmills as we ran our long run for the week: seven miles.  Thanks to the blustery Maine […]

Half Marathon Training: Week Three

We did it.  Finished six miles this past weekend. Oh, and we did it during the blizzard. Let me set the scene.  This past Friday brought a blizzard here to New England, we had whipping winds and snow coming down at three inches an hour (that’s a quick build up).  Car-sized drifts and whiteout conditions […]