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Two Weeks’ Notice

Most every job I have endeavored in was a temporary one.  Whether it was a basketball contract in the winter or a waitressing gig in the summer both parties knew that our relationship with each other would come to an end. It was always sad to leave each one but it was a built in […]

Can We Do Everything if We Want to?

Barbara Sher, author of I Could Do Anything… writes, “Scanners want to taste everything.  They love to learn about the structure of a flower, and they love to learn about the theory of music.  And the adventures of travel.  And the tangle of politics.  To scanners, the universe is a treasure house full of a […]

Are You a Risk Taker?

After finally deciding to stay in America last summer and not go back to Europe to prolong my professional basketball career I’ve decided another thing: In order to learn you have to risk things, you have to DO things. I’ve always been pretty careful about everything I do, for some reason this doesn’t apply to […]

Words of a Recovering Pessimist

This has been a great self-discovery period for me.  It’s been two weeks since I went to a career panel here at USM and it has kind of just jump-started my thought process. My boss set up a career panel for juniors and seniors and I helped with some of the organizing but also decided […]

Half Marathon: DONE!

We ran 13.1 miles. It was windy (20mph winds), cold (a temperature near freezing), and it was windy, did I mention that? But more importantly, we did it!  We completed a half marathon. Saturday, Tanna and I arrived at Brunswick Naval Airbase to whipping winds (they were shaking my Nissan) and near-freezing temperatures but it […]

Jobs and No Career

Basketball coach English tutor Residential Life Secretary First Year Student Athlete Academic Support Referee CPR/First Aid Teacher No, this is not part of a quiz, you know, “choose the job that is most interesting to you.”  This is a “jobs Danielle currently has list.” Yes, six pretty different jobs that I do every week. I […]


Senioritis really kicks in for everyone.  Let’s be honest.  Teachers, fourth graders, administrators, they all are touched by it.  It’s really more like summeritis.  Today is my last full day of class and I couldn’t be more excited.  Actually, I was probably more excited for summer about two weeks ago when my seniors started getting […]