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Two Weeks’ Notice

Most every job I have endeavored in was a temporary one.  Whether it was a basketball contract in the winter or a waitressing gig in the summer both parties knew that our relationship with each other would come to an end. It was always sad to leave each one but it was a built in […]

Missing without Regret

I haven’t talked much about my new role, or what feels like a new life, as a basketball coach.  I’ve been busy working and ignoring the impending season, actually, so I haven’t thought much about it. My transition from a player to a coach has been gradual.  I decided to stop playing in June, made […]


Senioritis really kicks in for everyone.  Let’s be honest.  Teachers, fourth graders, administrators, they all are touched by it.  It’s really more like summeritis.  Today is my last full day of class and I couldn’t be more excited.  Actually, I was probably more excited for summer about two weeks ago when my seniors started getting […]