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Two Weeks’ Notice

Most every job I have endeavored in was a temporary one.  Whether it was a basketball contract in the winter or a waitressing gig in the summer both parties knew that our relationship with each other would come to an end. It was always sad to leave each one but it was a built in […]

Are You a Risk Taker?

After finally deciding to stay in America last summer and not go back to Europe to prolong my professional basketball career I’ve decided another thing: In order to learn you have to risk things, you have to DO things. I’ve always been pretty careful about everything I do, for some reason this doesn’t apply to […]

10 Year-Old Wisdom

Surprise!  I’m stringing together a bunch of random jobs this summer to pay the bills. This has really always been the norm for me as I’ve always been able to work summer basketball camps in the hot months and enjoy some beach days in between.  Well, that was until we got an apartment.  Now I […]