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You Know How I Know You’re a Runner?

Yesterday I decided I could officially call myself a runner. I’ve been running consistently for almost a year, I’ve run a half marathon, and I’ve said the words, “that felt good” plenty a time after a four mile run.  But yesterday, oh yesterday, I wore runner leggings! That’s right, the long, spandex leggings put me […]

Half Marathon Training: Week Three

We did it.  Finished six miles this past weekend. Oh, and we did it during the blizzard. Let me set the scene.  This past Friday brought a blizzard here to New England, we had whipping winds and snow coming down at three inches an hour (that’s a quick build up).  Car-sized drifts and whiteout conditions […]

So, I decided to run a half marathon…

“I hate running.”  I severely overused this phrase between the years of 2003 and 2007.  I was playing Division I basketball and just the small whisper of a track workout made my insides dance.  I have never feared anything so greatly as the thought of running 1.5 miles on the track for a time I […]