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What Age 30 Deadline?

What, you’re almost 30 and not married?  No kids, house or full time job? We are no longer alone. What used to be the natural progression in life (college, job, marriage, baby) is becoming, it appears, a thing of the past. And the Generation Y-ers (those born from 1980-1995) don’t seem to be worried about […]

Can We Do Everything if We Want to?

Barbara Sher, author of I Could Do Anything… writes, “Scanners want to taste everything.  They love to learn about the structure of a flower, and they love to learn about the theory of music.  And the adventures of travel.  And the tangle of politics.  To scanners, the universe is a treasure house full of a […]


Summer in Maine is absolutely perfect. Okay, maybe I’m biased and maybe those perfect days make me forget about the not-so-perfect ones but I love it.  I really do. This summer I’ve found myself saying, “wow, Maine is so pretty,” or just pointing and saying, “look how pretty that is,” more than I can count.  […]