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Next stop: Portland and roommates

It doesn’t look like it but my old wooden dresser fits perfectly in the back seat of my 99 Nissan.  I know this because, ironically, the thing has been in my car on the highway more times than I can count. In just the past two years it has bounced it’s way to five different […]

Timing might be the biggest factor in how our lives turn out

I honestly thought that turning 29 would spark something in my blogging mind. I haven’t felt very inspired lately even though a lot of things have been happening in my life.  I guess there are things I’m proud of, things I’m ashamed of, and things I’ve surprised myself with but I keep coming back to […]

Why going to the movies alone isn’t a big deal at all

Running. Writing. Reading. These are all things I love to do and all things that are socially acceptable to do alone. Going to the Movies.  Going out to eat. Also things I love to do but not necessarily acceptable to do solo. Recently I decided I wanted to go to the movies… alone (dun, dun, […]

Monthly Payments!? What Are Those?

I’ve always been very cheap, or “money-saavy” if you will, but I have never really had to be. I was very fortunate to earn a scholarship for a college degree therefore leaving me with no debt when I graduated six years ago.  I am grateful for that every day, especially when I hear about my […]