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Basketball Season Headlines and Lessons

“We won the Little East Conference with a 27-1 Record” “We are Hosting an NCAA Regional!” “An Unexpected Loss” “First Season of Coaching in the Books”  These are all headlines I should have had in my blog in the past month.  I’ve been more focused on my half-marathon training and thought I’d keep my basketball […]

Back to the Bangor Auditorium

It’s a magical place, the floor, especially. Many strive to walk on it but most only see it from a distance. The ones that touch the Bangor Auditorium floor are a select few.  They are the lucky ones, no, the hard-working ones, the ones full of pride and heart, the ones willing to go that […]

More or Less: The Difference a Year Makes

I woke up on December 1st and it was just another day.  Ya, cool, it’s December, “didn’t November just fly by?” yada, yada, yada.  But last year.  Wow.  December 1st was something I very much looked forward to.  December 1st meant I could say, “I’m going home this month!!”  The sentiment of a normal December […]