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Monthly Payments!? What Are Those?

I’ve always been very cheap, or “money-saavy” if you will, but I have never really had to be. I was very fortunate to earn a scholarship for a college degree therefore leaving me with no debt when I graduated six years ago.  I am grateful for that every day, especially when I hear about my […]

Half Marathon: DONE!

We ran 13.1 miles. It was windy (20mph winds), cold (a temperature near freezing), and it was windy, did I mention that? But more importantly, we did it!  We completed a half marathon. Saturday, Tanna and I arrived at Brunswick Naval Airbase to whipping winds (they were shaking my Nissan) and near-freezing temperatures but it […]

Half Marathon Training: Final Week

Running.  Running.  Running.  I almost feel like I’m not even doing it any more.  At the beginning it felt like this big endeavor but now that the run is coming up on Saturday it doesn’t even seem like a big deal. I remember last summer when my step mother and sister decided to, and ran […]

Half Marathon Training: Week Eight

I have eaten too many Girl Scout cookies. The alignment with the end of my training and the delivery of Girl Scout cookies couldn’t have been any more on point.  Luckily I have someone to share them with me and that same someone is trying to run a half marathon, too! Hmmm.  Remember last week […]

Basketball Season Headlines and Lessons

“We won the Little East Conference with a 27-1 Record” “We are Hosting an NCAA Regional!” “An Unexpected Loss” “First Season of Coaching in the Books”  These are all headlines I should have had in my blog in the past month.  I’ve been more focused on my half-marathon training and thought I’d keep my basketball […]