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More Growing Up

I am spoiled. Or, I was spoiled. I knew it though. I haven’t worked a full time job in the summer… Ever. Until now. So many firsts for me this year… So many, “oh, this is how it feels” moments. My least favorite “oh” moments occurred every single day last week. “Oh, this is how […]

More or Less: The Difference a Year Makes

I woke up on December 1st and it was just another day.  Ya, cool, it’s December, “didn’t November just fly by?” yada, yada, yada.  But last year.  Wow.  December 1st was something I very much looked forward to.  December 1st meant I could say, “I’m going home this month!!”  The sentiment of a normal December […]

Tears of Love

I’m happy.  I wouldn’t say my faith in the inherent goodness of people is restored but I’m happy.  I’m proud that my home state of Maine voted in favor of same-sex marriages. Maybe I was being overly optimistic but last night, as I was watching the voting numbers coming in, I couldn’t believe how high the […]

The Fall I’ve Been Missing

Gorgeous.  And as corny as it sounds, really breath-taking. You can’t help but gape and stare at the colors of autumn in Maine, especially if you haven’t seen them in five years. Since I’ve always left for Europe in August I’ve missed out on one of our state’s greatest beauties: the foliage.  I would see […]

Growing Out

We grow out of things our whole life; the terrible twos, clothes, apartments, and (usually) our aversion to vegetables.  And for some reason, growing up, I believed I would grow out of my small town as well.  As I met new people and visited bigger places I thought that’s where I was headed, that’s where […]