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Basketball Season Headlines and Lessons

“We won the Little East Conference with a 27-1 Record” “We are Hosting an NCAA Regional!” “An Unexpected Loss” “First Season of Coaching in the Books”  These are all headlines I should have had in my blog in the past month.  I’ve been more focused on my half-marathon training and thought I’d keep my basketball […]

Missing without Regret

I haven’t talked much about my new role, or what feels like a new life, as a basketball coach.  I’ve been busy working and ignoring the impending season, actually, so I haven’t thought much about it. My transition from a player to a coach has been gradual.  I decided to stop playing in June, made […]

Eighth time is a charm: the power of positive thinking?

Finally!  Endlich!  We won!  It felt so good to be ahead when the buzzer sounded.  Because, as I said last week, it’s been awhile. I had mentioned that my realism would be enough for a win and it turns out I was wrong.  The mere fact that we can/could win wasn’t working out too well […]