Spread Some Light

It’s a pretty unbelievable thing.  You are going about your life and then, in an instant, something happens that makes you become more aware of the world around you.  Something that is so much bigger than you.

I was talking recently with friends about how big the world is.  How the world is just too big to comprehend or make a difference in.  How every day so many different things are going on in so many places that we can’t even begin to try to make sense of it all.

So, we discussed, we all just need to make our part of the world the best that we can.  We can only control what kind of vibes we send out into the world and sometimes we can’t even control our own world.

Yesterday when that horrible, horrible scene unfolded at the Boston Marathon I started thinking about it again.  It seems to me that it’s so easy to negatively impact large amounts of lives and people.  We talk about helping others, smiling at strangers, or doing the best we can every day but it’s times like this that all of that just doesn’t seem like enough.

Well it has to be.  It has to be enough because we can’t control the hate in the world.  We can only hope to provide more light and love in our own corners.  We can only hope that love will spread and catch fire. 

Like MLK said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”  On days like today when it seems you are too small and you feel helpless, I hope that you’ll try to make yourself and your loved ones happy and start spreading some light.

Danielle Clark

About Danielle Clark

I am 28 years old and for 5 years out of college I played basketball for a living. I was a professional basketball player in Europe so I spent most of my years there and came back to Maine for summers and a couple weeks at Christmas time. I thought my years there would open my eyes to what I want to be when I "grow up." That didn't happen. I have discovered, however, that I just have to try something. Just do things and toss myself into them. I have currently tossed myself into being a college basketball assistant coach and one on one reading tutor. I grew up in Corinna, Maine and have been a resident Mainer. I love sports, reading, writing, cooking, baking, watching movies... everything. I have lots of hobbies and not enough time in the day!