Half Marathon Training: Week Five

Eight miles was a bit of a tipping point for me.

Up until Sunday, our long run day, I had felt pretty good running.  Even the seven miles last week on the treadmill was okay but eight miles?  That was tough.

Despite the difficulty I did discover that I have a second wind: it came at about five and a half miles.  The problem is, my first wind left at about two miles into the run.  For the first time during this training I wasn’t entirely sure I was going to finish the run.  I had to dig deep into my head for some positive reinforcements as Negative Nancy kept trying to find her way into my brain.

So, from about two miles to over five miles I fought with myself about finishing the run.  Then, it was the strangest thing, mid way through lap 43 (seriously.. we ran 64 laps on the indoor track) I felt I could talk, start sprinting, and give a positivity lecture all at the same time.  I pretty much cruised through the last 20 laps.  I’m sure Tanna was thankful for my second wind as well as I remember snapping at her question at about my legs early on in the run.

Speaking of Tanna, I highly, highly, highly recommend a running partner when you are training for any kind of running.  We both agree that running with each other is much better than running alone.  My reasons include: someone to talk to, someone to suffer enjoy with, someone to keep a pace with, and someone to celebrate with when it’s over.

As soon as we crossed the end line (after 90 minutes of running) and started walking I felt that my legs had ten pound weights in them.  It really was an odd feeling as I couldn’t really walk correctly for a few steps.  We did two walking/victory laps after that bad boy and brought each other back to our college basketball days with partner stretching which relaxed my legs a bit.


Thoughts of the week:

I didn’t have to pee during the eight mile run on Sunday.  This could be a bad thing (did I have enough water?) and might be why the run was so difficult?  That or the fact that I played in my Alumni game at UNH the day before (4 on 4 full court for 35 minutes)….

I need to be stretching more.  I don’t like doing it much before I run but I need to do it more after if for no other reason than it feels SO good.

Considering the last long run was so difficult I have a feeling I will be a bit nervous before the nine mile run next week.

I need to get running outside.  I haven’t done a single run during this training outside.  Oh, and there is another storm coming? Awesome.

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