Half Marathon Training: Week Two

All signed up!

I have now committed actual money to this little running gig: forty-five dollars to run 13.1 miles.  Just so we’re on the same page: $45 is a lot for a temporary employee.

I registered online for the half-marathon a couple days ago and I got very excited and a little queasy at the same time.  (If you are thinking, “half-marathon!?” Read this. )

I just finished the second week of training and it feels pretty good.  My legs are a little less sore and I’m feeling more comfortable with my running routine.

I got a chance to run on the indoor track a couple times and it is MUCH better than the treadmill.  I used to think I liked running on the treadmill because I knew exactly how far I had run, exactly how fast, and I knew exactly everything (including how many ceiling tiles are in the fitness center).  I am a type A personality: I like to know things, exactly, but I’m starting to think knowing exactly how much I have left to run might just be counterproductive.

On Sunday, Tanna and I ran our long run, five miles, together and it was really nice!  We were able to chat a little bit as we ran in circles but I liked our pace (we finished!).  I’m a little nervous looking ahead and knowing that the five miles isn’t even half of our goal but I am also trying to stay in the moment, you know: “wow, five miles, nice Job!”

So after two weeks of the training this is what’s going on:

I’m back to craving sweets.  Must have just been a one-week fluke.  I don’t feel super hungry but I have begun to inherit the belief that “I just ran five miles, I can eat anything I want today!”  (Hopefully that goes away or at least only happens after my long runs).

My legs aren’t as sore!  Maybe I’m getting used to the routine.  My lower back still feels tight some days but it’s a bit better.

I’m trying to start noticing what things I do, wear, or eat make me feel better running.  So far I have found I run best after I’ve had something to eat in the morning and had time to digest it.


My greatest accomplishment this week?  I ran through a cramp around mile four of the five.  I’m usually pretty wimpy when it comes to cramps while I’m running so it was quite a feat!

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