My New (Non-Basketball) Workouts

Staying in shape used to be my job.  It was a pretty sweet gig, I didn’t have to make extra time for it.  I didn’t have to do it on TOP of a 9-5 job; it was pretty much something I got paid to do.

Oh, how the tides have turned.

Everyone says how difficult it is to work out when you have a job and a family to tend to.  I don’t have a family but the hours I work add up but I told myself I will not allow working out to be the first thing to go on the back burner when I’m feeling overloaded.

No, working out is a pain reliever, a stimulant, a relaxer, and even a life-saver at times.  Now that it’s not something I HAVE to do, it might even be more enjoyable.

I don’t have to prepare for competition anymore.  I don’t have to worry about weight lifting programs or exercises that work on basketball movements.  I don’t have to worry about bulking up to survive in the low post, either.  It’s kind of nice…

…Yet also very foreign to me.  Ever since grade school the reason I “stayed in shape” was to play sports.  I was either at practice, a game, or preparing for one of the two.  I’d work out on my own but ultimately it came down to one objective: making myself a better basketball player.

Just a couple months ago I decided that playing basketball wasn’t going to be my job anymore.  I was a little worried that working out would become more difficult but it’s just become very different.

Probably the fact that I don’t have many friends here in Gorham and that my roommate is a former professional basketball player also helps me to make time to exercise.

Here’s what I have discovered and has turned into a love/hate relationship: Circuits!

I try to work out two times a day and quick circuits help me do that.  (I also don’t have to be to work until 9am so it’s easy to get sweating early).

Here are my tried and true workouts:

Deck of Cards workout.  Got this from some fellow camp coaches at Bentley.  It’s about 30 minutes long and includes cardio and body weight exercises.  What I like most about it, is the order of the moves changes every time.  It’s easy, shuffle up a deck of cards, make a list similar to the below and proceed to flip them over and do the exercise.  Two-nine equals reps, 10-K equals 10-13 (can be doubled for more cardio), and the Aces are abs.  I like to do two exercises with arms (red suits) and two with legs (black suits).

I have also, of course, been searching Pinterest for inspiration and motivation.  My favorite quick work outs are the following: